About: Telemedicine in Motion: EMS is a new program designed to provide telemedicine services to EMS agencies throughout the state of South Dakota. Agencies who participate will be able to install an iPad in the back of their ambulance and use the tool to call Avel eCare’s emergency medicine experts to get a video consultation.

URL: https://doh.sd.gov/providers/ruralhealth/EMS/initiatives/

Language: English

Publication date: 2023-05

21 – EMS agencies using Telehealth to avoid unnecessary hospital visits for patients

“EMS agencies using Telehealth to avoid unnecessary hospital visits for patients”

About: Video coverage where it is described how video consultation is now used to assess whether a patient needs to be brought to the hospital by the ambulance or if they can stay at home. This is to avoid unnecessary transports to the hospital and shorten the waiting times.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6k3xJ3lfWt4

Language: English

Publication date: 2022-10-26

19 – Telemedicine in ambulances

“Telemedicine in ambulances”

About: Video coverage showcasing how new technology is used to enable video consultation between the ambulance and in-hospital doctors. The camera is installed in the ambulance and a screen shows what is being filmed as well as the doctors on the other line.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PA6aolQ_AsY

Language: English

Publication date: 2023-03-21

18 – Hawaii doctors use ambulance-based telehealth to speed up response in stroke cases

“Hawaii doctors use ambulance-based telehealth to speed up response in stroke cases”

About: Video coverage about the use of video consultation in Hawaii for a male suffering from a stroke. The coverage explains how the video call from the ambulance to a doctor got the patient to the right facility directly where he could get fast treatment.

URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=92GxPLCYqJQ

Language: English

Publication date: 2023-05-26

Post 10

About: Post by Caroline Bloch who is describing South Dakota’s new “Telemedicine in Motion” Program which enables video conferencing between the ambulance and nurses or doctors at the hospitals. During long transports to the hospital in South Dakota this new technology helps the ambulance staff with possible treatments and prepares the hospital for the incoming patient to start treatment faster once arriving.

URL: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/spotlight-news-carolyn-bloch-7066754614842249216%3FtrackingId=BxL1Dk4rSjebcePXfyKxmQ%253D%253D/?trackingId=u9SzSRo2JHmZo%2Bfs6jH4Yg%3D%3D

Language: English

Publication date: 2023-05-23

53 – TeleEMS: An EMS Telemedicine Pilot Program Barriers to Implementation

“TeleEMS: An EMS Telemedicine Pilot Program Barriers to Implementation”

About: A pilot study conducted to assess the use of telemedicine (audio and video communication between EMS personnel and physicians) to provide treatment in place for low-acuity conditions. The implementation barriers were in focus and the study found that these barriers include paramedic buy-in, technology limitations, and qualified physician resources among other things.

URL: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/36692384/

Language: English

Publication date: 2023-02-03

Study performed in America.

52 – Applications and User Perceptions of Smart Glasses in Emergency Medical Services…

“Applications and User Perceptions of Smart Glasses in Emergency Medical Services: Semistructured Interview Study”

About: A study to investigate the potential of smart glasses in EMS settings. The study shows that smart glasses can improve teleconsultation between EMS personnel and the hospital by adding video to the consultation.

URL: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/35225816/

Language: English

Publication date: 2022-02-28

Study performed in America.

30 – Paramedics try out Google Glass in ambulances

“Paramedics try out Google Glass in ambulances”

About: Article about the potential of Google Glass’ to allow paramedics to transmit live video and audio from an ambulance to a doctor in an emergency room. This will give the paramedics an extra pair of eyes to help the ambulance staff with diagnosis support and treatment that can be done in the ambulance. This is much cheaper and portable than other videoconferencing equipments.

URL: https://www.seattletimes.com/business/paramedics-try-out-google-glass-in-ambulances/

Language: English

Publication date: 2014-08-12

16 – Cabarrus County ambulances to be outfitted with telemedicine technology

“Cabarrus County ambulances to be outfitted with telemedicine technology”

About: Article about new video technology that will be implemented in ambulances in Cabarrus County to help paramedics diagnose stroke patients with aid from the hospital.

URL: https://spectrumlocalnews.com/nc/charlotte/news/2018/03/02/cabarrus-county-ambulances-to-be-outfitted-with-telemedicine-technology

Language: English

Publication date: 2018-03-03

2 – Telemedicine now an option on McKinney ambulances

“Telemedicine now an option on McKinney ambulances”

About: Article about how telemedicine (video conferencing) has been implemented in McKinney ambulances in Texas due to Covid-19. Paramedics are now able to consult via video stream with a doctor to determine if the patient needs to go to the hospital or what kind of care they need. Video coverage is included in the article.

URL: https://www.fox4news.com/news/telemedicine-now-an-option-on-mckinney-ambulances

Language: English

Publication date: 2021-11-12