9 – The EMS Handoff: Body-Worn Cameras in EMS with Bradley, Eric, and David

“The EMS Handoff: Body-Worn Cameras in EMS with Bradley, Eric, and David”

About: A podcast discussing the use of body-worn cameras in EMS. It has been used in law enforcement to increase the safety of the people working in the field. Subjects that are covered are patient privacy concerns, consent and more.

URL: https://www.jems.com/podcasts/the-ems-handoff-body-worn-cameras-in-ems-with-bradley-eric-and-david/

Language: English

Publication date: 2021-08-11

2 – Ambulanssjuksköterskans profession och framtid – Magnus Hagiwara

“Ambulanssjuksköterskans profession och framtid – Magnus Hagiwara”

Om: Podcast där Magnus Hagiwara, professor inom prehospital vård, intervjuas angående framtiden inom den prehospitala vården och då främst i ambulanser. Videokonsultation nämns som ett viktigt verktyg i framtiden för att fungera som ett beslutsstöd för ambulanspersonalen (ca 13:00 in i podden).

About: Podcast where Magnus Hagiwara, professor within prehospital care, is being interviewed about the future of the prehospital care mainly in ambulances. Video consultation is named as an important tool in the future to help the ambulance staff with decision support (around minute 13:00).

URL: https://open.spotify.com/episode/2rLQtusymybw60TeE6UTGs?go=1&sp_cid=3cbfaa5e87c980b2815141db99201bcc&t=30&utm_source=embed_player_p&utm_medium=desktop&nd=1

Language: Swedish

Publication date: 2020-06