The knowledge base – categories

The knowledge base was created by a systematic review of video technology within prehospital emergency care in different communication channels. The search scope reaches from the year 2000 until today. The articles in the knowledge base have been divided into the following categories based on the communication channel where they were published.

Research articles: Published research articles in research databases such as PubMed and Google Scholar are presented here.

News, Media & Interviews: News about the subject presented in papers and EMS magazines are listed here.

Clinical Trials: The aim and study design of finished and ongoing clinical trials are presented in these articles.

Projects: Articles about ongoing and completed projects are presented here.

Social media: Posts and clips from social media such as Facebook, Youtube, LinkedIn and Podcasts are presented here.

Websites & Other: Websites and other articles online regarding video technology within prehospital emergency care are presented here.

The image above also displays the subcategories. Furthermore, the articles have tags related to the content to serve as an indication of what the article is about. Navigate among these in the right sidebar.