25 – HoloLens Website

About: Website about HoloLens which is Microsoft’s Smart Glasses which can be used to call someone with video included. For example it is explained how this can be used for remote consultation with experts. For example, ambulance staff can wear the glasses during a dispatch and call a physician to get consultation.

URL: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/industry-healthcare

Language: English



16 – Pexip Website

About: Website about the company Pexip which provides a telehealth video platform which can be used by first responders to have a video consultation in the ambulance with specialists.

URL: https://www.pexip.com/healthcare

Language: English


14 – COSMOTE Website

About: Website about the 5G network COSMOTE that has now been implemented in ambulances in Greece. In the ambulance the EKAB (National Emergency Assistance Care) emergency medical technician (EMT) has an ultrasound device, a tactile glove with sensors, a monitor and headphones for high-definition video and audio on board the ambulance. In this way remote doctors can examine the patient en route to the hospital.

URL: https://www.cosmote.gr/cs/otegroup/en/5g_asthenoforo.html

Language: English

13 – Jodapro Website

About: Website about the Norwegian company Jodapro who provides head cameras that paramedics can use in the field to communicate with doctors at the hospital and stream video from the emergency scene. The idea arose from the principle of equal treatment which means that everyone should get the best treatment no matter where you live.

URL: https://www.jodapro.no/en/home

Language: Norwegian

10 – Max Life Website

About: Website about the American company Max Life Advanced Telemedicine who offers advanced mobile ambulatory telemedicine technology such as video cameras etc.

URL: https://www.maxlifelive.com

Language: English

You can find video demonstration clips of the products in Youtube clip 8 and 9.