19 – Government plans to put calls by emergency services on mobile networks

“Government plans to put calls by emergency services on mobile networks”

About: Article about the fact that the UK government wants to put emergency calls on the same mobile network as the public (new 4G technology). They believe that this new faster network could be used to stream videos live from the ambulance to inform the doctors in the hospital and get diagnosis support early on.

URL: https://www.theguardian.com/politics/2014/mar/09/government-plans-emergency-services-calls-mobile-networks

Language: English

Publication date: 2014-03-09

12 – Teknik på ett helt nytt sätt kan rädda liv på distans

“Teknik på ett helt nytt sätt kan rädda liv på distans”

About: Article about a new project called “Livräddning på distans” where the idea is to teach people to use telemedicine without being a nurse. For example at a constructor site if someone gets injured and you call for an ambulance, then you can by video get assisted by the ambulance staff to perform certain life saving efforts. This will be a way to get help to the patient faster and video is a great way to do that.

Om: En artikel om ett nytt projekt som kallas “Livräddning på distans” där idén är att man vill utbilda människor i hur telemedicin kan användas utan att man är en sjuksköterska. Till exempel på en byggarbetsplats om någon blir skadad och man då ringer efter ambulans, då kan man bli assisterad via video och få hjälp med att utföra livräddning av ambulanspersonalen. Detta är ett sätt att ge vård till patienten snabbare och då är video ett bra hjälpmedel för detta.

URL: https://www.iperspektiv.se/artiklar/2021-02-23-teknik-pa-ett-helt-nytt-satt-kan-radda-liv-pa-distans

Language: Swedish

Publication date: 2021-02-23

2 – Telemedicine now an option on McKinney ambulances

“Telemedicine now an option on McKinney ambulances”

About: Article about how telemedicine (video conferencing) has been implemented in McKinney ambulances in Texas due to Covid-19. Paramedics are now able to consult via video stream with a doctor to determine if the patient needs to go to the hospital or what kind of care they need. Video coverage is included in the article.

URL: https://www.fox4news.com/news/telemedicine-now-an-option-on-mckinney-ambulances

Language: English

Publication date: 2021-11-12

17 – The field-based video tech solution that could revolutionise healthcare

“The field-based video tech solution that could revolutionise healthcare”

About: Article about the use of field-based video tech solutions and how it could revolutionise healthcare. Video conferencing between paramedics and specialists is discussed as a good communication platform to determine the diagnose of the patient or if the patient doesn’t need an ambulance ride.

URL:  https://www.businessandindustry.co.uk/digital-health/the-field-based-video-tech-solution-that-could-revolutionise-healthcare/

Language: English

16 – Pexip Website

About: Website about the company Pexip which provides a telehealth video platform which can be used by first responders to have a video consultation in the ambulance with specialists.

URL: https://www.pexip.com/healthcare

Language: English


14 – COSMOTE Website

About: Website about the 5G network COSMOTE that has now been implemented in ambulances in Greece. In the ambulance the EKAB (National Emergency Assistance Care) emergency medical technician (EMT) has an ultrasound device, a tactile glove with sensors, a monitor and headphones for high-definition video and audio on board the ambulance. In this way remote doctors can examine the patient en route to the hospital.

URL: https://www.cosmote.gr/cs/otegroup/en/5g_asthenoforo.html

Language: English